"Become the Sherlock Holmes Of The 21st Century … As You Unlock Hidden Clues That The Unconscious Mind Is Hiding From Your Clients … That Is Preventing Life Long Change"

This Hypnotic System Will Allow You To Strategically Investigate The Hidden Truths Hiden By The Unconscious Mind, And Redirect Thinking In An Instant Without Your Client Ever Knowing They Are Being Hypnotized.

Dear Reader,

Why on earth would you want to learn how to break through conscious and unconscious logic, and finally piece together the integrase of a problem so proudly that your client's reality will instantly shift to unheard of boundaries?

"The question should be why are you not doing this already"?

If you are finding that your intervention methods are going around in circles, problems are returning hours after your session and you never really get your client to a respectable depth of hypnosis for you to redirect their thinking, we have the solution. With a mix of conscious conclusions, unconscious reasoning, assumptions, and emotions, no wonder our client’s problems seem so hard to penetrate and destroy.The majority of Hypnotists are missing out on a crucial part of any hypnotic interaction and are falling for the lies of the conscious mind when asking a client this important question …

"Believe it or not,  the response from this question will define the outcome of your session"

The response from this question will define the outcome of your session. Your ability to decipher between conscious information and unconscious reasoning will be the elevation to mastery level only a small percentage of Hypnotists will attain. And even then a percentage of these Hypnotists will fluke it, and the others will lose track of how they did it, and why their hypnosis sessions instantly turned into the stuff of miracles.

"Did we really design a program just to teach you how to distinguish between how to listen for the unconscious mind talking and the conscious mind talking"? …

You better believe we did. Gone are the days where hypnosis is just used as an additional tool. To use relaxation techniques to induce a level of trance, and expect the unconscious mind to give up the goods. Instead, we needed to create a formula to directly converse with the unconscious mind and listen for its direct response, that will always be hidden inside distracting conscious talk. If you have found you could never get to the finer details of a client’s problem, you have experienced this very phenomenon and it ( without a shadow of a doubt ) the reason why Hypnosis fails over and over again.

The 3 imperative concepts needed for this program to succeed:

Level 1: Spotting unconscious moments was the birthplace of this program. By combining spotting unconscious moments as a function, conversational postulates to bring to life the naturalness of conversational hypnosis and the distraction of the conscious mind to slowly quieten it down, without setting off the alarm bells of danger, meant we had to rethink unconscious moments and diversify them and almost HIDE our investigation and hunt for them.
Level 2: Knowing that whenever we converse with people, friends, family and even our clients, communication is tainted with 2 minds talking at once. And we had to believe firmly that when using hypnosis the conscious mind WILL ALWAYS BE READY to come back to life and ruin all the good work we have done, recategorise the problem and interfere with unconscious change, we needed some sneaky tricks to absorb its attention and direct it elsewhere, over and over again, in a creative fashion.
Level 3: And lastly knowing what do when we have direct interaction with the unconscious and how to communicate back. This is the very real assumption that direct language has no use in the unconscious mind. Meaning we had to learn to speak the way the unconscious mind could understand us, as the therapist. We needed to speak its language and also speak its delivery of language. This is why, previously it has been almost impossible for the classical Hypnotist to influence the unconscious mind long enough to completely destroy phobias, addictions, and real world problems.

"Why Has This Program Been Such A Life Changer"?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Students See Amazing Results From The Strategic Hypnotic Interview Method

  1. Advanced Conversational Hypnosis With Simplicity
    Everything you are about to learn is teaching you the functions of the unconscious mind in regards to using Hypnotherapy as a vehicle for change. Without understanding the 3 concepts of this program, it is impossible to how to directly communicate with the unconscious mind that is purposeful and long-lasting. Gone are the days of relaxation techniques and script based therapies. This is the key
  2. Integration Of Conversational Strategies
    Whereas traditional hypnosis is based on the therapy of relaxing a client, then telling the unconscious mind how to think and what to do. This program buffers out all hiccups that this approach causes. It’s not to say it doesn’t have its place. It means that as society evolves so does our ability to use hypnosis in a real world context.
  3. An In-depth training of unconscious moments
    Without knowing the hows, why, and when of unconscious moments as a signal for the correct therapeutic trance, your ability to evolve into hypnotic guru will be tough. We had to really reveal the secrets of unconscious moments to the public so your career as a Hypnotists speeds up in strides.
  4. A real world need 
    Who else has worked with subjects and clients, who have completed the same training as you, been Hypnotized before to have it fail or been brainwashed with the incorrect assumptions of hypnosis making them the most difficult subjects to work with? This called for a new style of intervention that creates the paradox of confusion and natural conversation through investigating a client’s mindset
  5. Putting the conversation back into conversational hypnosis
    It was crucially important not to create another one size all fits the program. We needed to really address the common issues our students and the hypnosis community was facing when working with clients. By addressing theses issues, we noticed the same parallels over and over again. It was time to change this.

Course Information: Here’s How the Course Is Structure

In the session 1 – Interview premise and breakdown of conscious conclusions
Principles You Will Master:
  • Revealing the interview premise – Dealing with conscious and unconscious conflicts
  • The how, why what and when to use it correctly
  • Understanding conscious conclusions that cloud a client’s mind
  • Live coaching demo for insomnia
  • How to investigate the unconscious mind without getting sucked into conscious lies
  • How to use strategic questions to uncover the unconscious payoff
  • How to include emotional experiences through conscious expression
  • How to end the session for conscious understandings
  • Using intervention role plays to increase thinking creativity
  • How to produce strategic hypnotic questions that suit your client in every interaction
  • How to use the thinking TREE exercise to develop an ‘ on the fly ‘ approach to hypnosis
  • How to unstick thinking and clear the mind before we even begin any techniques


Session 2 – The Hypnotic Interview System + Guidelines for success
Some Of The Principles You Will Master:
  • Using motivation and leverage questions for hypnotherapy
  • Using any questions to produce hypnotic understandings of any issue or addiction
  • How to detach yourself from believing your client’s excuses and failures
  • How to drop the idea of getting stuck on hypnotic techniques that are hit or miss
  • How to hear the unconscious expression that leads to clues for your client’s breakthroughs
  • How to think like a hypnotic detective to find hidden clues
  • How to correctly exploit a client’s thinking to produce deep trance
  • How to approach any problem, issue or addiction in a creative way to never get lost in an interaction again
  • How to categorize your thinking into pure hypnotic mastery and professionalism
  • How to use unconscious conclusions to destroy conscious realities
  • How to use a step by step experiential approach to interviewing questions


Session 3 –  How to open the mind up to endless possibilities and transition into any hypnotic technique
Some Of The Principles You Will Master:
  • How to use the interview process with intent for more results
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of the interview process that will halt all results
  • Creative analogies to explain the interview process for our students
  • How to use attention to think at a deeper level to reveal the ah-ha moments for breakthrough
  • What can happen to creative attention can persuade conscious thinking and how to avoid it
  • 2 troubleshooting problems that can be easily overcome
  • How to use pain at a trance level to help relieve symptoms
  • How to open the unconscious mind to endless opportunities and resources
  • How to direct the emotional energy to clear thinking with speed
  • Breaking down the exact question sequence for natural conversations during hypnotherapy
  • When to use the reflection, I wonder and open possibilities frames for the right questions
  • And MUCH MUCH More


Training Overview Of Program
Models & Systems:
  1. Training designed for the novice to advanced hypnosis practitioner or clinical therapist
  2. Complete and productive understanding of the Strategic Hypnotic Interview Method for Hypnotherapy
  3. The A-Z method in its entirety
  4. Over 4 hours of unique content in a live coaching context and format
  5. Q& A debriefs of every exercise for concise learning
  6. Live demos, roleplays and intervention strategies for immediate execution
  7. Troubleshooting advice to avoid common mistakes
  8. Mindset understanding and premise discussions to ratify experience for easy use
  9. Combination approaches and advice to combine previous hypnotic and coaching skill set
  10. Skill set exercise to expand while listening and learning various procedures
  11. Clearing common myths and thinking about hypnosis
  12. Taught by Scott Jansen of The Conversational Hypnosis Academy

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  • Our most transformational program in the Academy's catalog
  • 3 modules with over 3 hours of audio training from Scott, in a coaching format with students
  • Specific exercises and techniques to help you master this self hypnosis strategy with simplicity
  • Never before revealed self hypnosis method equation
  • Available in downloadable audio format so you can enjoy it offline on your mobile device.
  • Discounted price special to enjoy your training with peace of mind.

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“Sessions Are Awesome And Empowering”

Scott’s teachings and courses have made it easy for me to master hypnosis. I was taught from day one on how to put clients into a trance with not a script in sight! The training has seemed too easy at times but it has helped me achieve phenomenal success with some of the clients I’ve been privileged to help with this type of therapy

I’ve studied NLP and hypnosis before and was restricted to scripts.

After I completed one of Scott’s training, I went home and tore up the scripts and have never looked back. My ability to use my new skills as a business coach has doubled my income and for the first time ever I have a waiting list for clients. Thank you, Scott !

“Trained With Richard Bandler”

Before I tell you about Scott and the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, I feel you should know a little about my background.I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming in the UK under Richard Bandler, the Co Creator of NLP. It was whilst studying for this that I discovered Hypnosis as Richard was able to do things like cure peoples fear and phobias by talking randomly to them. I quickly discovered what Richard was doing was hypnosis and I thought to myself I’d love to do this.I trained formerly in the UK but it was script based hypnosis which wasn’t really what Richard was doing.When I moved to Australia I was still looking for the style of Hypnosis that Richard had shown me previously and he has learnt from Milton H Erickson. I saw an advert for a course on Conversational Hypnotherapy so I thought I should go along to see what it is all about but to be honest my expectations were not really that high.How wrong can one person be ! Scott is very eloquent in the way that he speaks and very precise in the way he teaches. I was totally blown away from the word go. Even though I now know what Scott is doing my unconscious still goes into trance every time. I feel privileged to be a part of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy and equally privileged to know Scott. For me Conversational Hypnosis is where Hypnosis should be. None of the best hypnotists in the world rely on scripts as they understand how these can hinder the therapeutic needs of the client. Scott goes beyond what I expected from a teacher and I also look forward with eager anticipation to his courses.

“Iv finally found my passion" !

I’ve learnt so many wonderful techniques to add my skill set and have decided now is the time to start on the path at opening my own practice. I miss my business very much and have been looking for what fits with me and what types of therapies I should offer since I finished my Masters. I’ve finally found the passion I need that fits with my new business plan! I’m also going to add in Career Counselling as well. Watch this space for great things my friends.

“Had NO Experience”

Had no experience at all. I attended this course and with in the first hour I had placed someone into a trance. If you are looking for a challenge that is exciting, energising, and so useful then this is the course for you. This course will change the way you think, the way you work and the way you view life. It is worth more than what you pay for it. I just can’t say enough good things about it. Do it, enjoy the experience or not… It’s up to you.